KnOWING IS Not enough,

we must apply. 

willing is not enough,

we must do.

-Bruce Lee

OFFERING internal Martial Arts Classes

Healing sessions 


Palmer, ALASKA

Receive support anywhere anytime through email and one-on-one video correspondence. Personalized advice and instruction at your convenience.

These sessions are personalized and performed by both Jay and Jenn. They utilize techniques both on and off the body that remove blockages at the deepest level.

Birth Chart Consultation

Classes & Workshops

Qi healing 


...Just 10 Minutes North of Downtown Palmer

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Thomas Droge

Acupuncturist, Herbalist

Director of

Droge Clinic in 

New York City

"When Jay and Jenn are combined, they are a dynamo of information, dedication, integrity, and passion. To study with them is a rare opportunity not to be missed!"


  • Qi Healing/Energywork
  • Weekly Group Classes
  • Private Instruction
  • ​Workshops
  • Birth Chart Consultation

Receive a birth chart consultation using Chinese astrology and cosmology to discover how to be the fullest expression of Who You Truly Are.

Good health is far easier to maintain than it is to restore. These practices preserve your health and promote longevity.

Join us!

Guidance & Support