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Take advantage of these offers and nourish your life!


Complete Health Packages(Weekly Classes + Healing Sessions)


$40/Class OR  
1 class per week $125/month OR
2 (or more) classes per week $200/month*

 *When you spend $200/month on weekly classes...receive a qi healing session for $100 


Qi Healing/Energywork Sessions with Jay and Jenn



*When you spend $200/month on weekly classes...receive a qi healing session for $100 


private instruction 




Tendon Changing

Daoist Meditation

Dao Yin

Wudang Zhao Bao He Style TaiJi Quan (Tai Chi)

Dai Family Heart-Mind Six Unions Martial Art​


$140/session OR

$300/month for 4 one-hour weekly sessions

$60 for 30 minutes for video chat option




Receive guidance and support through an astrological consultation.
Your birth chart is your spiritual fingerprint. It's coded, like DNA with your purpose, unique talents, what you're here to offer and contribute...are you ready to embody it? We will help you understand the interplay between you and the cosmos and will provide guidance and support for you as you gain insights and learn to cultivate your heavenly truth. Be who you came here to be...a brilliant light for the world to see!


Birth Chart: $180

  - includes 3-4 page chart writeup


Initial Chart Consultation: $250

 - includes birth chart writeup (same as above) PLUS a 1 hour phone consultation

Self-Preservation Skills


Cultivate your survival instincts. These practical skills are offered through private lessons for one person or the entire family. This is the best environment to learn in because 2 instructors are available to personalize the class content to meet yours and/or your family’s specific needs. We can address scenarios specific to your home, we can work with you in your car, or in many different scenarios you might find yourself in. 

The concepts we teach are easy to learn and shared in an environment that is supportive and empowering. The importance of awareness and avoidance instruction is stressed as being the priority.

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